Releasing online Saturday, 2 December at 1.00PM. Cameron Studio has teamed up with premium Australian retailer Highs and Lows for a bold jewellery project reminiscent of a youth spent embracing ‘90s & ‘00s counterculture.

Founder Glenn Cameron connected with Matt Thomas of HAL, over a shared nostalgia for a time consumed by skateboarding and music, where skate videos and their soundtracks permeated all areas of life. Reflecting from the perspective of new fatherhood, Cameron and Thomas appreciate the ongoing influence.

Their golden era is wrapped up in a unisex jewellery piece that stands as a refined version of DIY efforts as youngsters – a hardware store padlock hung from a dog choker chain.

The collaboration includes the Choker Chain and Combination Padlock Pendant, crafted from solid 925 Sterling Silver and presented in a high polish. Designed to be multifunctional, the 50cm necklace splits to a 19cm bracelet. The padlock pendant features 3 spinnable dials engraved with 10 unique symbols including H-A-L and the CS logo. A nod to the pre-digital era, each piece is packaged in a cassette tape case with sleeve and inserts featuring reinterpreted skate logos and punk music references.

The Highs and Lows | Cameron Studio collaboration will be available online at from Saturday, 2 December 1.00PM.